Meet Paul & Nancee Crouse

Welcome to our Global Infinity Team! We are the ever growing team within the Zilis movement. THANK YOU for visiting our AMAZING business opportunity website. Have you ever heard of a little company named Amazon? Were you aware that Amazon is now the largest retailer in America, even bigger than Walmart?


Knowing what you know today, if you were given the opportunity to join Amazon way back on the ground floor in 1996, would you have? Seems like a silly question doesn’t it? Well many people, including us, believe the next Amazon is already here and there are plenty of ground floor opportunities available.


If you are ready to take control of your life, watch this presentation in full and learn everything from A-Z about how we can help you achieve your wildest and biggest dreams. What is equally as exciting is that as we all work to achieve our mutual goals, we are helping malnourished children around the World with our exclusive Pay it Forward Nutrition Program.


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A Dynamic Opportunity

With a marketplace of over a billion potential consumers, the potential is limitless. Exclusive marketing through our team of ambassidors.

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Paying it Forward

We are making a difference for children around the World through our Pay It Forward nutrition program. We can change the World.

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